The Indo British Business is an organisation aiming to strengthen trade and business relations between the UK and India, attract investments and boost small and medium enterprises (SMEs). It was formed to help promote, encourage and support the development of businesses. IBBF is keen to ensure that businesses are successful and they explore opportunities of working together for mutual benefits. Business networking, professional promotion of their services and training are all encouraged and supported. Its aim is to encourage, nurture, and promote bilateral business, mutual understand and friendly relationships between industrial, service and business communities of India and the UK.

The IBBF pays particular attention to the SMEs in the community by offering help and advice wherever possible. IBBF works to identify international businesses with potential and provides them with the support services they need in order to develop and grow. Close cooperation with other chambers of commerce and trade promotion bodies and the business community all come together to play an important part in this initiative. Our main scope of activity is community outreach in the UK and EU, providing a platform for networking between businesses, investors and entrepreneurs. IBBF is the UK's leading networking community and independent advice forum. IBBF members comprise leading business personalities and professionals from both India and the UK/ EU, having excelled in their respective fields. These fields comprise of business, finance, real estate and the arts, to name a few. Our advisory board consists of innovators determined to create a progressive world.

About our CEO

Decisive and forward thinking, with strong vision and strategic capability. She has the ability to network and liaise with clients at every level. Responsible for planning strategic business objectives and also implementing systems and processes to monitor and report on performance against agreed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) across all the business sectors. She works closely with the IBBF partners and provides advice, recommendations and information to enable IBBF's growth whilst maintaining its regulatory responsibilities. Highly proficient negotiation and persuasion skills make it easy to come to agreements and persuade people, organisations and vendors to meet the company in the middle. Ability to identify complex problems and use critical thinking skills to implement plans for overcoming those problems for the company's benefit. She is the founder of Indo British Business Investments; a firm that specialises in real estate buying and selling & commodities across the globe.

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