IBBF Energy

IBBF Energy - Bringing Light and Shine to your life

IBBF Energy has been formed to fill the gap between global demand and supply

IBBF Energy’s vision is to develop and offer reliable, eco-friendly and economic renewable energy solutions for the ever-changing needs of society; to develop solutions for the future; and to share these solutions with broader groups, by operating effectively in the national and global renewable energy markets

IBBF Energy have recognised that renewable energy has emerged as the mainstay of power supply technology and shall contribute significantly to the future energy mix all over the world. Supporting green energy initiatives and funding green energy suppliers that take their environmental responsibilities seriously are the main objectives of funding from the UK government.

IBBF Energy is fully committed to contributing to innovation and growth in renewable energy across the globe with our partners in solar parks, wind farms, mixed solar/wind farms, offshore wind farms, solar water pumps, energy audits, and corrective systems.

To deliver our extensive portfolio of smart grid and innovation projects we collaborate with other organisations. Our partners are specifically chosen for their experience, expertise and innovation, as well as the support they can bring in developing and delivering individual elements of our projects

No matter what type of infrastructure project you have, we can help.

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IBBF Projects

Turnkey Engineering, Planning & Turn key projects of Hospitals, Residential, Commercial, Retail, Warehousing, Hotels. A complete turnkey projects company which not only assist you in designing, engineering & construction but also help in raising finance from international sources with our FCA approved consultants.

IBBF Projects offer a comprehensive solution to its customers - Governments, health authorities, healthcare centres, commercial, Residential, Retail Warehousing,Hotels organisations- with a comprehensive range of services from project planning and design, through to equipment installation and training. Projects are coordinated and managed by a highly professional team of experts, with diverse skills and extensive industry knowledge

Thanks to the multi-disciplinary teams, composed of renowned economists, architects, engineers and technicians, the name IBBF Projects is identified with quality and reliability. We are committed to establishing long term relationships with clients in order to provide reliable and highly effective Turnkey projects around the world. IBBF Projects gathers its own internal Human Resources team, together with a wide network of highly qualified experts to better meet customer’s needs. Our team comprises a dedicated group of professionals, specialising in equipment and medical systems, design & engineering, logistics, procurement and project management.

No matter what type of engineering project you have, we can help.

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IBBF EV - simple, suitable, sustainable & secure solutions

EV Charging : We believe travel shouldn't damage the earthThat’s why we’re building the charging infrastructure needed to enable mass adoption of electric vehicles with our trusted partners across the globe. IBBF EV charging provide charging infrastructure solutions for every business.We offer a complete service from grid connection through to supply and installation of charging point(s) and aftercare.Our dedicated team is always on hand to offer you advice and support.

Workplace Charging & Fleet Charging

Workplace Charging

Provide electric vehicle charging where it’s convenient for drivers to charge. Serve the needs of your staff, fleet and visitors or even generate revenue by opening your charge points to the public

Fleet Charging

IBBF EV -Your partner in delivering EV fleet charging solutions Our in-depth knowledge of electric fleet charging means that we’ll work with you to understand your vehicles, their charging requirements, and turnaround times. Through our Fleet Transition Consultancy, we will design a bespoke EV charging solution with your fleet in mind. Our products are the best in the business, chosen for their reliability after years of installation and servicing experience and guaranteeing uptime.

Leading Solutions

At IBBF EV, we offer the best charge point hardware, supported by our leading back office software, to bring you reliable, smart and future-proofed charging infrastructure.

100% Renewable Energy

We offer zero carbon, 100% renewable energy supply solely from hydro, solar or wind sourced by IBBF Energy

Green Ambition

We are taking steps to reduce our environmental impact. Our ambition is to balance our business goals with the needs of our planet

No matter what type of EV project you have, we can help.

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IBBF WWMS Water & waste Management Solutions

IBBF WWMS – IBBF WWMS along with our partners in Water & Waste management Solutions business offers green solutions in the field of water and wastewater treatment and recycling for industrial, commercial, defense, hospitality and municipal sectors. Clients are provided total water management and Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) solutions. IBBF -WWMS constantly supports its customers by providing new technologies and processes that solve unique project challenges, meet specific industry requirements, enhance system performance and reliability, and significantly reduce installation time and costs.

No matter what type of Engineering project you have, we can help.

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IBBF - Infratech

“well-maintained infrastructure is perhaps the most striking and observable difference between impoverished nations and prosperous ones.”Infrastructure and its quality affect where “people, activities and businesses are located,” which affects “economic growth, land use and quality of life.” IBBF infratech along with its partners who are pioneer in their respective areas are proud to offer various infrastructure services

Airport Infrastructure : Aviation infrastructure projects
develop and maintain airports. Aircrafts maintance, overhauling, servicing
Bridge infrastruture :
Rail Infrastructure: Rail Infrastructure
Road Infrastructure
IT Infrastruture

No matter what type of infrastructure project you have, we can help.

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IBBF logistics & Warehousing

IBBF Logistics and Warehousing is a leading third-party logistics service provider in the United Kingdom providing services across the globe. We specialize in Transportation, Warehousing and Storage, Logistics, Warehouse Handling and many more services our customers can use at very competitive prices. Our collaborative effort of people, technology and location allow us to meet the needs of even the most demanding customers.

IBBF Logistics and Warehousing is known for its quality services and meeting timelines. IBBF Logistics and Warehousing provides collaborative effort, technology and innovative, cost effective delivery and storage solutions. IBBF Logistics and Warehousing offers complete visibility to its customers and offers a tailored range of flexible solutions and value added services to meet specific business needs.

No matter what type of requirement project you have, we can help.

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